A new chapter…

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a police man or a catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. Given my current level of cardio training, I don’t think I could make the cut for the police academy. Maybe a backup catcher given the state of the Phillies organization. In spite of my childhood career planning, I have meandered the world of technology in a variety of roles since entering the work force.

It’s a team sport of a different variety.

Over the past three years I was very fortunate. I re-joined a company I had resigned six months prior. Led a team that was in need of a turnaround from a delivery stance. Provided every latitude needed from a leadership team to be successful. I was empowered. Given budget, trust, safety and personal advancement.

Over those three years I was a part of one of the most amazing metamorphoses of software delivery. Everyone took notice of how this rag-tag group of folks became the standard within the company. We transformed from late deliveries and buggy products to one of high-performance and safety.

We embodied the principles of lean, agile and devops. We became awesome in full transparency of anyone that would raise their eyes. But during this amazing turnaround, I found, that I transformed on a parallel track. I learned how important having a profound respect for those you work with enables success. I had read it before, and thought I felt it before. But my time with my team has shown me the deep meaning of what this is to enjoy at least once in your career.

My time with this team gave me the confidence to start writing, speaking in public, podcasting. I was even interviewed as some sort of authority on thoughts and transformation. During this time, I never lost sight of the fact that my team was the source of this trajectory. To each of the people that I worked with over the past three years, my family and I thank you for this opportunity.

But we are all on a journey, and journeys take turns. You sense what is occurring around you and you respond to those inputs (hat tip @jboogie). I recently made a decision to accept an offer from the amazing folks at Contino. They are a booming Cloud/DevOps consultancy out of the UK. They also have an extreme amount of core value synchronicity. The story of how the interview process started is a topic for another time. Ah, the power of meetups, public speaking, and the span of the Agile Uprising podcast is amazing.

I encourage anyone I mentor to keep the tools sharp. Find where your passion lives. Live your passion. Practice courage and resilience. I try to model this in my own life, and feel this move aligns with this approach.

To Matt, Andrew, Vicente, Steve and others at Contino: thank you for trusting in me – I will not let you down!